PDG Helicopters has over 20 years of spraying experience to help clients deal with bracken control.

If left unmanaged, bracken can have a number of devastating consequences, including:

• Reducing the potential grazing area available to livestock
• Making the task of gathering stock more difficult
• Replacing other important habitats such as heath-land and species rich grassland
• Harbouring sheep ticks which may cause disease in livestock and humans
• Poisoning stock and have a negative impact on human health

We use the latest spray equipment fitted to the versatile Squirrel helicopter to tackle the problem effectively. Our pilots have a great deal of experience in spraying and undergo an intensive internal training schedule to ensure they meet our high standards. Their in-depth knowledge of the terrain and environment they operate in ensures that we provide an unmatchable level of service and success.

For further information contact Ian Innes on 01667 462740.