Cineflex V14HD

Cineflex V14HD

Cineflex V14HD Camera System

PDG Helicopters own and operate the amazing Cineflex V14 HD aerial camera system, this state of the industry technology is used all over the world on award winning productions for both film and TV. Directors and producers insist on the use of a Cineflex as nothing comes close to delivering the same quality. We supply the system as a package that includes the features and options as below together with our own, experienced, in-house camera operator technicians.

Rock Solid Shots

Our Cineflex V14HD camera system uses military grade gyro technology and high precision components to deliver the most incredible vibration free, high definition video even at full zoom. The camera is stabilised in 5 axis which includes the 'roll' axis which keeps the horizon level even when the helicopter is banking and maneuvering.

High Definition Camera

Our Cineflex V14 HD features the Sony HDC-1500 Cine-Alta camera at its heart. This cinematic camera features the Power HAD EX 2/3-inch CCD and 14bit A/D converters for incredible detail and clarity with low picture noise whilst offering a broad range of high definition frames rates including 1080/50i, 1080/60i, 1080/24P, 1080/25P, 1080/30P and 1080/59.94P. The camera also features a built in down converter to provide a standard definition output when required. PDG's Cineflex also features the latest software upgrades which including hyper gamma tables and 10bit dual link 4:4:4 output. All camera parameters and settings are controlled via the Sony RMB-750 control unit which is built into the main Cineflex control panel.

Fujinon HA42 x 9.7 HD Lens

This incredibly powerful and versatile zoom lens has been specially selected to deliver incredible close up shots and generous wide angle views whilst maintaining pin sharp clarity. The lens also features a servo controlled 2x extender to increase zoom power to a massive 84x (815mm focal length).

Recording Options

Sony HDW-S280 HDCAM Recorder
The Sony HDCAM format is a long established favourite of broadcasters and production companies thanks to its quality and practicality, it supports a wide choice of HD frame rates all delivered on the steadfast tape format. The HDW-S280 uses the smaller variant of the HDCAM tape, customers are welcome to supply their own stock or purchase ours.

Panasonic AG-HPG20 P2 Recorder
The Panasonic P2 format has proved a very popular tapeless format and our AG-HPG20 recorder supports both the main P2 codecs; DVCPRO HD and 10bit AVCINTRA100 and where required DVCPRO 50 for standard definition. This P2 deck records to dedicated P2 flash cards that we supply. The cards are downloaded post flight, backed up to raid storage before being copied to customers portable hard drives.

AJA Ki-Pro Mini
This unit has rapidly become our most popular recorder due to its diminutive size and incredible picture quality. It offers a choice of 10 bit Quicktime ProRes HQ or Avid DNxHD codecs. This recorder works extremely well with the Cineflex V14HD, it records to high speed compact flash cards supplied by us. The cards are downloaded post flight, backed up to raid storage before being copied to customers portable hard drives.

Cinedeck RX Cine Recorder*
The Cinedeck RX uses cutting edge software and processor technology to record in a broad range of codecs to high speed solid state drives (SSD). The Cinedeck can record in Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, Cineform and FULLY uncompressed 4:4:4. What's more the Cinedeck RX is the first recorder to offer dual recording, where it is possible to record the footage in different codecs simultaneously! PDG Helicopters are the first in the UK to use this technology to deliver our customers the ultimate quality aerial filming. *The Cinedeck recorder is an optional extra for the Cineflex system.

GEO-Referenced Filming

For added convenience we offer GEO-referencing on all of our aerial filming, this provides a range of information in the form of KML files that can be opened in programs such as Google Earth.

Cineflex System Monitors

On board our aircraft, our operator uses a calibrated TV-Logic 17" LCD screen featuring dual source inputs for monitoring live and recorded images and a wave form for accurate exposure control.
For an on board director we supply a calibrated 9" Marshall hand held monitor, this can be set to display time code and guides.
We also provide our pilots with a video monitor, this is an aid for filming/positioning of the aircraft.

Cineflex Camera Mounts

PDG Helicopters use EASA approved camera mounts from Aerospace Design (UBM) and Meeker/Airfilm (AFSP-1) for use on any of our Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel and AS355 Twin Squirrel helicopters. Both of these mounts were specially designed and built to mount the Cineflex V14HD camera system on the nose of the aircraft where the camera has an unrestricted view. Both camera mounts feature an isolation collar that further reduces vibration.

PDG Cineflex V14HD Camera System specification

For further information on aerial filming with our Cineflex V14 HD camera system call +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to Contact Us.