Helicopter Fleet

Eurocopter AS350 B1 & B2 Squirrel
AS350 interior/exterior
Seating five passengers in comfort, this helicopter is perfect for the rapid transportation of executives or key personnel. The power and size of the helicopter also makes it ideal for a vast range of tasks including under slung lifting, aerial filming and overhead power line inspections. With its reduced noise footprint at low level, it also significantly reduces noise pollution to the public. Cruise speed is 140mph, while lifting capacity is 1000kg B1 & B2.

Eurocopter AS355F1, F2 Twin Squirrel

AS355 interior/exterior

This is the twin engine version of the AS350B helicopter and once again is capable of carrying five passengers in comfort. It offers safety and reliability and is able to operate longer over water and lower over urban areas. It is perfect for executive transfer while being a solid workhorse for aerial filming. Some of our twin squirrels have specially modified side holds to accept golf clubs, making this aircraft perfect to travel the fairways.

Download: PDG Eurocopter AS355 Twin Squirrel PDF

Eurocopter AS365N Dauphin

AS365 interior/exterior

The powerful and versatile AS365 'Dauphin' helicopter is ideal for VIP, business and corporate helicopter charter. The Dauphin (N) with its retractable landing gear has a top speed of 175mph, almost three miles per minute. With a seating capacity of eight passengers, it's very comfortable and suitable for larger groups of people with the advantage of twin engines allowing it to operate out of city heliports.

Download: PDG Eurocopter AS365N Dauphin PDF

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