Flir Ultra-Media II

Flir Ultra-Media II

The Flir Ultra-Media 2 camera system is a gyro-stabilized standard definition aerial camera system.

It can be mounted to any of our single or twin engine Squirrel helicopters via a Utility Boom Mount (UBM). The system delivers highly stabilised broadcast quality video, perfect for standard definition aerial filming.

Housed inside the 5-axis gyro-stabilized turret is a Sony BVP-550 digital camera head fitted with a Fujinon 36x zoom lens with 2x extender. The camera is switchable between 4:3 & 16:9 with a choice of outputs including SDI. For survey work we can also provide on-screen GPS position, date and time 

We supply the system complete with our own in-house camera operator and a choice of video recorders including DVCAM tape, Panasonic P2/DVCPRO 50 or the NanoFlash.

The system is extremely flexible and ideally suited to standard definition TV production, live broadcast, ENG and equally suitable for aerial surveys.

For further information on the system or any of our aerial filming services call our team on +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to Contact Us.