Flir-Polytech Corona 350III

Flir-Polytech Corona 350III

Thermal Imaging

This high technology aerial camera system features the latest fibre-optic gyro stabilisation complete with 4 visual sensors including daylight video camera with 20x zoom, Flir high-resolution radiometric IR camera, U.V. Corona sensor and a Canon 14 mega-pixel still image camera.

The system is also equipped with a high accuracy tracking system that can lock onto moving objects. All recorded data is stored digitally and GEO-tagged using the systems tablet computer and compact flash digital video recorder.

Thermal Imaging By Helicopter

The Image quality of the Flir-Polytech Corona 350III is excellent, making the system perfect for a wide range of surveys including electricity power line patrols, rail surveys, environmental surveys, animal studies/research and for use on TV documentaries etc.

Totally unique In The UK

Thermal image cameras mounted on helicopters are nothing new but our system represents the latest technology in both stabilisation and its level of performance as the system is Radiometric so it can accurately read temperatures of targets and can find cracks, damaged and defective components using the built in corona camera, its a very powerful survey tool.

Survey Expertise

In order to deliver the highest standards of aerial surveys all of our camera operators are Flir qualified Thermographers, this ensures we deliver accurate, highly detailed reporting using our radiometric camera and Flir Reporter software.

For further details on the system and our range of thermal imaging services, please call +44(0)1667 462740 or click here to Contact Us.