Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging
Helicopter Thermal Image Inspections

Thermal image inspections have become the core service for predictive maintenance programs, as they can help avoid costly interruptions in supply. PDG Helicopters are the only thermal imaging facility in the UK to have qualified thermographers operating the Flir-Polytech Kelvin 350III triple sensor system - the most advanced radiometric airborne camera system in Europe. We can accurately read temperatures of all faults found, we then combine this with the clients power information which enables us to calculate the temperature of each fault as the current changes, enabling engineers to avoid critical component failures resulting in outages and managers can prioritise faults and work patterns.

Advanced Camera System

Using this advanced gyro-stabilised IR camera system mounted to our helicopters, we deliver a cost-effective solution of surveying many kilometres of power lines. The collected data is analyzed and exported into an easy to read PDF reports that can be distributed as required.

Thermal Image Reporting

The unique combination of our Flir radiometric camera, Flir Reporter software and our qualified thermographer/operators ensures we deliver accurate and detailed reports that our customers can rely on.

GIS Integration

PDG Helicopters use the latest tablet computers running bespoke power line survey software that features high resolution moving maps combined with a comprehensive data base all of which is fully compatible with our clients GIS systems.

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